Exciting Places To Visit In France

Exciting Places To Visit In France

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Exciting Places To Visit In France

France is a superb and beautiful country. The country can boast of having several exciting and beautiful scenes – talk about the boulevards of Paris,  the Eiffel Tower, the  seaside resorts of the Côte d’Azur, and so on.

Planning on a trip to France? Or, perhaps you are in France already, and you’re searching for some worthwhile destinations to visit? We’ve got your back! There is something for everyone. You can travel to France anytime you desire. You can visit France in December, you can visit France in November, you can even visit France in winter and have fun!

Exciting Places To Visit In France

Eiffel Tower

Let’s get started. Exciting Places To Visit In France


  1. Eiffel Tower

We must start with this – it is the symbol of Paris! The Eiffel Tower is a structure of 8,000 metallic parts, and it remains one of the most famous designs in the whole world. Designed by Gustave Eiffel, the Tower keeps attracting tons of tourists from different places in the world every year, and we keep seeing people searching for things like Eiffel Tower history, just for their admiration and curiosity of the structure.

Also known as the “Iron Lady”, the tower sits in a beautiful city, and you will be awed by its monumental size and the exciting panoramas at each of the three levels (more than how you feel when you search for Eiffel Tower pictures online). You should have heard a lot about Paris and you are already falling in love with the city. Well, interestingly, staying at the top level of the Eiffel Tower will give you a look over this beautiful city at a go!

  1. Louvre Museum

If you are a lover of arts and history, you should appreciate this place better. It is a topnotch museum that is heavily reputed, as it is a home for some of the top European arts and crafts that can’t be found anywhere else. The museum houses the popular Mona Lisa (by Leonardo DaVinci), Venus de Milo sculpture (that dates back to as far as the 1st-century-BC), Veronese’s the Wedding Feast at Cana, as well as several other well-known Western Civilization’s works.

The various kings who lived in the city contributed to its growth in no small measure. As things stand now, there are up to 30,000 artworks in the Louvre museum, which means, there is no room for boredom, and you will get tired trying seeing it all.

  1. Palace of Versailles

When you get to France for holiday or vacation, it is a nice thing to see the Palace of Versailles. It is not a mere royal residence. You should see it yourself. Interestingly, it was Louis XIV who, years back, decided to transformed his own father’s little hunting lodge into an exotic Palace that has become a top tourism destination in today’s France. The interior was carefully made by folks who are good with what they does.

Versailles is generally popular for its formal French gardens that has nice pools and lovely fountains. Sure, this place is one you will enjoy touring.

  1. Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur, also known as the French Riviera, is a beautiful stretch of coastline that is nothing short of awesome. It means “Coast of Blue” in English, and its deep blue colour is a beauty to behold.

It extends from Saint-Tropez to Menton, and when it is summer, you get to see beach lovers all over the seaside resorts. Additionally, a lot of rich people lives around here, and you will occasionally see some of their exotic houses and other properties. You should love it here too.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel

Another exciting place you can visit in France is the Mont Saint-Michel. It has the reputation of being one of the most striking landmarks in the country at large. It came out of the sea on the coast of Normandy, and at high tide, is an island. On the other hand, one can walk across its sand at low tide.

The major thing you will like to see here is the Abbaye de Saint-Michel. This was founded by the Archbishop Aubert of Avranches as far back as in 708. This is another superb architectural design that, though made in the medieval times, still remain superb.

Generally, it is known that France has a reputation for excelling in terms of the preservation of cultural items. The Abbey Church was built as far as the 11th century, and it remains a place where tons of people were always coming for pilgrimage purposes.

  1. Loire Valley Châteaux

Thinking about exploring an enchanting place, such as the ones seen in some interesting storybooks that belongs to children? Then, you should see the Loire Valley. The area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and tourists can choose to get awed by some superb fortresses that belongs to the medieval era, built on hilltops.

The Renaissance castles have been regarded as the most popular Loire châteaux. They were actually built for entertainment purposes. You can get to see the Château de Chambord. It was made for one of the country’s past prominent kings, known as King Francis I.


  1. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

How about seeing a eighth century cathedral that is still standing strong and beautiful? How about getting into a cathedral that is said to have restored belief in the faithful? Then you should be in the superb Chartres Cathedral. It covers over 2,000 square meters and has windows that dates back to the 13th century, but still strong and superb.

Its rose windows are very noteworthy for their huge size, and we should add that from April through October each year, you should see Chartres puts on a breathtaking light show illuminating the cathedral when night comes. So, when next you are in France, do all you can to see this magnificent cathedral.

  1. Provence

Here is another gorgeous place that is better seen than read. Taking a tour here, you will see its fantastic landscape of olive groves and rolling hills. There are also little villages around, and we need add that the enchanting scenery here has actually enthralled some well-known artists like Matisse and Chagall.

You sure would love it here. It is a nice blend of natural beauty and country charm. You can stroll around the streets and enjoy the view. You can see the colorful open-air markets, enjoy the foods (some superb and nice looking cuisines!)

Perhaps you need help with some important places you should not miss around here. Try to see Avignon – which is the medieval city of popes. You should see Arles too.

  1. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a sight to behold! The Mont Blanc (which means White Mountain in English) is the highest mountain peak in the whole of Europe. It is superbly high – up to 4,810 meters and usually filled with snow.

The mountain forms part of the French border with Italy. Underneath the mont is the  village of Chamonix, which is nestled in a high-mountain valley. It has history (rich history), churches (that are also of historical relevance), as well as arts and restaurants.

Another interesting thing to add is that if you are a lover of outdoor activities and games, this town present great delights. You can go skiing and hiking. Hey, you can decide to go rock climbing too, and after splashing a lot of energy, come back to relax.

  1. Alsace Villages

We can’t miss this out! When you get to France, do all it takes to explore some of the villages here. Alsace has a reputation of containing some of the prettiest villages in the whole of France. These picturesque villages offers nothing but beautiful view. You see half-timbered houses gathering around small parish churches here. They have lovely floral decorations that made them popular, and that keeps attracting tourists from different parts of the world.

Many of these villages are flower-bedecked. Interesting, many times, they have been applauded as the Most Beautiful Villages in France (Plus Beaux Villages de France).

You should see the thrilling village of Eguisheim (it sits on a valley). You should see Mittelbergheim (another very astonishing village that is popular for its gastronomy and idyllic scenery).

If you really want to explore Alsace, then we recommend Colmar as being a nice base. If you are not cool with doing this alone, you can explore with a guide, and you will just be fine. You will definitely enjoy your time in these villages.

In conclusion, France is such a superb and beautiful country. We are aware that there are tons of places to visit and you are likely to get stuffs mixed up, and so, this guide is meant to lead you to some of the most superb destinations you can’t avoid to miss during your time in the country. You can visit France all alone if you are cool with it. Don’t worry, the people are friendly, and many are eager to socialise – think about curiosity. Have a nice stay in France!

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